2019 Pavement Management Project

Last fall, we let you know that the City Council of North Saint Paul passed a resolution awarding the Pavement Management Project to a contractor, North Valley, Inc. The 2018 phase of the project included Helen Street between 12th and 17th Ave. The 2019 phase includes 11th Ave, 12th Ave, and Castle Ave.The project contractor is scheduled to begin work on Monday, June 17th. The project will improve aging pavement and is due to be completed by August. Weather and other considerations can impact construction schedules.

Lake Blvd Project to Continue

The 2019 Street and Storm Sewer Reconstruction Project will begin in late May or early June depending on weather. The sewer line lining is complete but there are several lateral services north of Poplar that won’t be completed until after the watermain is completed in this same area.The remaining watermain work includes the following areas:

  • Lake Boulevard north of Poplar Avenue
  • 20th Avenue East
  • Park Row

Other utility work to be completed includes the forcemain on Swan Avenue between the list station and the first manhole to the north. 

Work will begin the week of April 8th with the following activities:

 All project areas:
 Erosion control
 Preclean sewer laterals (services to home)
 Stage 1B (Lake Blvd north of Poplar)
 Temporary mailboxes
 Temporary water hookups and testing

04/03/2019 Letter to Residents