Yard Waste Collection

Yard Waste Collection

Yard waste is defined as leaves, grass clippings, branches and soft-bodied plants such as garden debris. State law states that you cannot mix it with other trash. It is against City Ordinance to rake leaves into the street or to burn them, and you may be fined.

About the Service
Yard waste collection is a weekly service for residents that runs April through November (weather permitting) and is picked up on the same day as your trash pickup. Yard is an annual cost, but is billed monthly.

95 Gallon Yard Waste $7.39 per month including tax

95 Gallon


Yard waste service is available in carts only. There will be no cost for one (1) additional cart. Please call Republic if you need an additional cart at 952-941-5174.

On Occasion Service

Per-Bag/Bundle Pick Up
You may no longer have unlimited service with compostable bags however, on occasion you may put out a few bags or bundles of brush and you will be billed.


$1.89 per bag or bundle of brush

Please call Republic at 952-941-5174 to schedule a per-bag pick up. Please call the City at 651-747-2413 to start the service or to learn more about the service.