Medicine Drop-Off Sites

Prescription drug abuse is a growing problem, especially among teens, and accidental poisonings from medicines are on the rise.

Disposing of Unused Medicines
There are increasingly more options for disposing of unused medicines in the Twin Cities. North St. Paul City Hall is the latest site that has installed a drop box to give the public the opportunity to properly and safely dispose of unwanted, unused, and expired medicines.

Properly disposing of medicines is important to prevent abuse or poisoning and protect the environment. Medicines flushed down the drain or disposed of in the trash can pollute bodies of water, harm wildlife and end up in drinking water supplies.
Poster above drop-off box

Acceptable Items

Medicines from households are accepted in any form, including prescription and over-the-counter. Pet medicines, blister packs, liquids, capsules and pills, patches, creams and gels, powders, inhalers, sprays, IV bags and vials.

Non Acceptable Items

Needles and syringes (except full epi-pens) bring to the year-round household hazardous waster collection site at Bay West.

Disposable Sites

Safely dispose of any unwanted or expired medicines at no cost at North St. Paul City Hall located at 2400 Margaret Street from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday.