Commerce Park Redevelopment District

About the Plan
The Redevelopment Master Plan (PDF) organizes similar land uses and urban design relationships by a series of districts. These districts (The Downtown District, Commerce Park Redevelopment District, Core Employment and Reinvestment District, West End Housing and Redevelopment Area, and the McKnight Employment Center) all have distinctly similar characteristics. Many of the proposed development projects are of similar use, size and scale and overall aesthetics.

Unique Characteristics

The following is a summary of the unique characteristics of the Commerce Park Redevelopment District:
  • Redevelop convenience retail near the Highway 36 intersection
  • Develop office, flex or light industrial internalized and focused on Henry Street
  • Utilize high quality building materials on sites along the perimeter of the district
  • Design roadways with enhanced streetscape and district identity
  • Make a stronger connection to the Gateway Trail