2016 Street & Utility Improvement Project

Streets planned for the 2016 Street and Utility Improvement Project reconstruction are: Helen Street North from 17th Avenue East to Lydia Avenue East; 1st and 2nd Streets North between 17th Avenue East And 19th Avenue East; 19th Avenue East from Chippewa Avenue to Helen Street North; Longview Drive from 19th Avenue East to Helen Street North; Helen Court from Helen Street North to the cul-de-sac; and Navajo Road from Helen Street North to Hilltop Court. 
Questions or concerns can be directed to Tom Russel, Project Manager at (612) 201-5213.
WSB and Associates, Inc. were available to answer questions and receive your input. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this letter or the open house, please feel free to contact me at 763-512-5243 or the City Engineer at 763-287-7173.

Plan Adoptions

On July 16, 2013, the City Council adopted the Capital Improvement Plan (PDF) related to the Street Reconstruction, the Park Improvement Plan and the Special Assessment Policy.

Reports & Documents