Animal Control

Community Service Officers Pack and Jara

In-Progress Complaints

In-progress animal related complaints that need immediate police / animal control response, please call 651-747-2508 during normal business hours from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. or Ramsey County Dispatch at
651-747-2507 24 hours a day.

Non-Emergency Concerns

All non-emergency animal related questions or on-going animal related concerns, please call Community Service Officers: 
  • Lauren Pack at 651-747-2508 or by email
  • Dominic Jara at 651-747-2508 or by email


Dominic Jara and Lauren Pack serve as part-time Community Service Officer / Animal Control. This is a non-sworn uniformed position that is responsible for assisting the department in day-to-day service functions.

Duties & Responsibilities

One of the main duties of this position is performing animal control functions for the City. In addition to animal control, officers assist the police officers with:

  • Parking Enforcement
  • Aiding Motorists
  • Vehicle Lockouts
  • Traffic Control
  • Completing Police Reports
  • Giving Station Tours
  • Park Patrol