Fall at Silver Lake

Recommended Trees

Visit the University of Minnesota Extension website to find a list of recommended trees for the twin cities and southeast Minnesota. The webpage includes links where you may select a certain tree species based on specific characteristics you are looking for in a new tree for your yard.
Our Forestry Division approves of the large variety of species presented on the University of Minnesota page, and we hope this list will create a more diverse urban forest for our community. Most cities recommend a basic list of 10-15 species.

If you have any questions about a certain species, please the Forestry Division at 651-747-2409.

Tree Planting Guide

For your convenience the City of North St. Paul Forestry Division has a Tree Planting Guide (PDF). Learn the benefits of planting trees as well as how to plant a tree.

Tree Planting Permit

Tree Planting Permit (PDF) 

Tree City USA

The City of North St. Paul participates in Tree City USA.