Zoning Code

The Zoning Code had its last full update in 1999.

Update Process

In order to better serve our residents and businesses, the City Council and City Staff have determined that a full Zoning Code update is necessary in order to provide better service to our City residents and businesses. This process is underway and will include informing, involving, and engaging North St. Paul residents, business owners, the Planning Commission, Environmental Advisory Commission, Parks and Recreation Commission, Design and Historical Review Commission, Neighborhood Stability Task Force, the Business Association, City Council and various City departments to create a full Zoning Code update.

Work on updating the Zoning Code began in July 2014. This process has taken a strong commitment from the City to inform, involve, and engage various stakeholder groups. The update has reduced duplication and has been simplified for ease of use.

For More Information

The Zoning Code Update Draft was approved by City Council at the August 18, 2015 City Council meeting. A copy of the Zoning Code is also available at City Hall. For more information, please view: